10 Reasons Why You Should Go Skiing This Winter

Summer is over. Slowly it's starting to get colder, and that could be annoying for some and exciting for others. This winter, let's take advantage of the freezing days and let's go skiing! But why should I leave from my cosy fireplace for the coldest mountains?

Here you can find 10 reasons why you should go skiing this winter 2022-2023.

1. To breathe pure air. Get away from the city and enjoy a few days in nature, surrounded by mountains, breathing clean, pure, fresh air. Your lungs will be grateful for it.

2. To move your body. Jump out from days of sitting at your office desk and start moving those legs. Skiing after all is a sport, and it will make you sweat for sure. Maybe you hate going to the gym, but skiing can sound more attractive for sure!

3. To share quality time with your loved ones. A snow holiday is always fun, and even more if you share it with friends and family. Enjoy this free time with your loved ones and laughs will be ensured.

4. To disconnect. White colour is psychologically proven to calm the mind. That's why when we surround ourselves with snow and white horizons, we feel more relaxed, and it's a way to release all the stress from our crazy daily life. Skiing is good for your mental health.

5. To discover new places. Go skiing in a different country, meeting a new culture, speaking a new language, and discovering new mountains is always enriching. If you love to travel, going on a snow holiday is such a special way to discover the world. You will be amazed with the beauty of a snowy mountain range.

6. To try new things. Maybe you have never put on a pair of skis, and you know what? It's never too late to try something new. Perhaps this winter you will discover your new passion.

7. To be outside. When the days get colder we tend to keep ourselves indoors, protected from the cold. But it is true that humans are born to be outside taking in that vitamin D from the sunlight and interacting with the nature that surrounds us on this beautiful planet. Skiing can get you that extra shot of sunlight while riding down the slopes.

8. To meet new people. An important part from every snow holiday is the après ski, which is “all the activities done after skiing”, such as having a drink, playing darts or relaxing yourself in the spa. Après ski is just an ideal way of meeting new people and sharing your stories from a day on the mountain with new people.

9. To eat better. Another huge part from a snow holiday is food. Taste new dishes, get to know the local culinary specialities, and get back all that energy after a long day on the slopes.

10. To have fun! Well, this should be the first reason why we go skiing, just do it for fun! Have we convinced you already? Start planning your ski holidays now, the countdown to winter has just started! Looking for a ski apparel to hire for your holidays? You can rent your ski equipment here.