At Snow Clothing Hire we can supply you with the kit that you need for your winter adventures. Check out our kit lists below to help with your packing

Download these handy printable checklists help make travelling easier this winter.

Ski Trip Checklist


Lapland Trip Checklist



This is our checklist for what we recommend you need for 1 week on the slopes!


  • Snow Jacket
  • Snow Pants
  • Goggles
  • Gloves

Our outerwear hire bundles include the above 4 items. Adult Hire here  / Kids Hire here

  • Helmet (these tend to be most frequently rented along with ski equipment at resort)


  • 2 x Thermal Tops  - shop here
  • 1 x Thermal Bottoms - shop here 
  • Microfleece Zip Top - shop here 
  • Hat - shop here
  • Neck Warmer- shop here
  • Socks 3 pairs - shop here  You need at least 3 pairs for the week. Only wear one-layer long sock with no rubbing (don't wear footback socks!


  • Gloves Liner - shop here
  • Sunglasses  - shop here
  • Hand Warmers- shop here - To get you warmed back up! 
  • Suncream and lib balm - shop here - The UV is strong in the mountains 
  • Snow Boots - shop here  or HIRE here - You will need footwear with good grip! 
  • Back Pack - shop here
  • Luggage - shop here or HIRE here- a wheeled travel bag is perfect when travelling by coach or plane
  • Phone Ninja - shop here - don't loose your phone on the slopes!