Easter Holidays Ski Holiday Guide

There is one month left until the end of the winter season and if you haven’t gone to the snow yet, you still have a few weeks left to enjoy the mountains! Easter is a great time to hit the slopes and enjoy a ski holiday with family and friends. Here are some tips for planning your Easter ski holiday:

  1. Choose the right resort. Look for a ski resort that has good snow conditions in April and offers a range of activities beyond skiing, such as hiking, mountain biking and spa facilities, just so you always have a plan B in case the snow conditions are poor. Higher altitude resorts or those with glacier skiing are often a good choice for Easter skiing, such as Vald’Isere or Saas Fee in the Alps, as the snow usually last longer and they even keep some areas open for summer skiing.


  1. Book in advance: Easter is a popular time for ski holidays, so make sure you book your accommodation, you rent or buy your ski clothes and equipment, lift passes and other extras in advance to secure the best deals. Check for deals as many ski resorts offer Easter ski packages or special offers for families which can be booked online.


  1. Check the weather forecast: The weather in the mountains can be unpredictable so we recommend you check the forecast before your trip so you can pack accordingly. Remember to bring warm clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses etc. Don’t underestimate spring skiing, it can always bring a late snowfall with it.


  1. Pack mindfully: As we mentioned, spring is known for its changing weather, that’s why we recommend you bring appropriate clothing for all conditions. You can have a look at our packing checklist here. We also recommend you hire your snow clothes in advance so you have plenty of time to receive them at home and pack for your spring ski escape.


  1. Book ski lessons: If you are a beginner or you want to improve your skills, consider taking lessons with a ski school. They will be able to help you to learn the basics or refine your technique, making your holiday more enjoyable. Most ski resorts have a ski school where you can book lessons for any level or age. Usually lessons can be booked in advance so we recommend you contact the ski school a few weeks before your holiday so they can find an available instructor for you.


  1. Consider off-piste skiing and other activities: If you are an experienced skier and the conditions are good enough, why not have a go on the off piste which can be especially rewarding in the spring when the snow is softer and more forgiving. Other recommendations would be going for a snowshoeing trip, snowmobiling or finding another activity which is available in the area that would be exciting for you and your group.


  1. Explore the local culture: Ski resorts often have a unique local culture that’s worth exploring. Check local restaurants, bars and events to get a taste of the region.


  1. Stay safe! Make sure you follow safety guidelines on the slopes, wear appropriate safety equipment and be aware of the risks of the mountain.


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If you have any questions we are happy to help!

Sporting Regards

The Snow Clothing Hire Team