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Whether you are passionate about snow sports or you have never put on a pair of skis before, you are here now, and we are delighted to meet you!

We are Snow Clothing Hire, along with our sister websites, our goal is to make sport more accessible and sustainable for everyone. We want to help you make memories and achieve goals, all whilst enjoying the snow to the fullest!

Do you want to know a bit more about us? Keep reading...

We are a UK-based company focused on top-quality snow sports apparel and accessory hire, just born with the objective of providing you anything you need for an extraordinary snow holiday this winter! We operate in the UK, shipping to any region within. We offer affordable and flexible options of quality products to practice your favourite sports.

Our portfolio includes swimming and triathlon wetsuits, as well as iSUPs and iKayaks head over to Tri Wetsuit Hire to view our full range of hire products. Over at Bike Trailer Hire, we do trailers for kids, pets and even your groceries! As well as bike seats too. If you are into cycling you'll love our indoor turbo trainers, as well as all things bikes! Head over to Turbo Trainer Hire for more products and information. 

Why hire?

You can hire to save money or you can hire to save the planet, but really you're doing both! There are lots of reasons to hire but whatever your reason is, we have something to offer you. Skiing has always been a pricey hobby. From the lift passes to the equipment plus the expensive travel costs, however, we want to help you to make it happen! Making snow activities more accessible for everyone and breaking that cost barrier, all while promoting confidence to entry. We want to support everyone in their sport journey.

How do we help the planet?

We are disrupting the traditional retail model with our rental approach. Buying less, having more fun and contributing to a more sustainable future! We also have a pre-loved marketplace for our ex rental products, our objective is to extend the life of the products as much as possible instead of creating more waste.

How do we help you?

We believe that sport is essential for a better life! We want you to take care of yourself, enjoying a healthy lifestyle, to move, to jump, to ski and to free up your mind whilst enjoying your favourite activities with your friends and family. Spending quality time doing all the things that you like.

What products can you find at Snow Clothing Hire?

Of course, snow clothing products. Ski jackets, goggles, gloves, retro onesies, junior Roarsome, ski wear for all sizes and shapes... and anything else you would need for an unforgettable day on the mountain.


How does it work?

Our quick and easy process removes part of the stress of planning a holiday!

  • Simply order online
  • Receive your hire items straight to your door
  • Make memories and live new adventures in the mountains
  • Return to us using the free return label with our sustainable packaging.

Now that you know a little bit more about us, why not start choosing your next outfit for this winter ski holidays. You can have a look at all the options here.

Already counting down for the snow to fall!