Organizing a School Ski Trip Step by Step

Skiing is fun. Skiing with your schoolmates is even more fun. Ski trips are becoming more and more popular among the schools in Europe. It's a different experience, a way to keep the students motivated, and a different way to interact with them outside the classroom. If you are a school teacher who has been put in charge of organizing a school trip, but you are not sure where to start, here is our useful step by step guide for planning a school ski holiday:

1. Choose the location: The resort is so important when travelling with a group. Pick a ski resort and accommodation in line with the group budget, choose slopes also adapted to the levels, usually it is recommended to look for resorts ideal for beginners. You don't need a massive 600 km resort, but an easy, comfortable one where kids won't get lost around the mountain. There are
some economic resorts around Italy, Austria, and Andorra perfect for your school trip. Once you have decided on your resort, it's time to select your accommodation, again it will depend on the group budget.

2. Work with a travel company or tour operator: In terms of booking it will ease the whole process, and they will also be able to offer a ski package, so you know how much you will pay for the whole trip with everything included. Look for tour operators specializing in ski holidays as they will be helpful while organizing the trip 

3. Sort Insurance and Legal Requirements: The group is your responsibility, that's why it's important to sort all the insurance and legal requirements before travelling. Skiing is considered a risk sport and some insurances don't cover ski injuries, so take your time and read carefully when selecting the insurance for the group. Also, if you are travelling with children under 18 years old you might need legal permission from their legal guardians and some special requirement depending on the country where you are travelling to.

4. Arrange a committee, planning team and set up monthly meetings: Try to organize the trip before, during and after, so there are no surprises. Communicate every decision with the rest of the team and the families of the students attending, and set meetings prior to the trip to solve any questions they might have.

5. Work with Snow Clothing Hire: There are many things you require for a ski trip: ski clothes, gloves, goggles, helmet, ski equipment, all this on top of the trip cost itself. It can be too much asking the students to buy their own ski apparel for one week, without even knowing if they will ever ski again. That's why we provide sport apparel for groups from the best quality brands, so your group is sorted without the need of buying everything new. You can have a look at our School Groups section to know what we can offer here.

6. Preparing Students for the trip: Try to motivate the students for the upcoming week and also prepare them physically or mentally. If you are the PE teacher, try to focus on leg strength the weeks before the trip to avoid knee injuries. If, however, you are the French teacher, maybe provide them a small practical list that they can practice while on their ski holidays on the French Pyrenees.

The winter is coming very soon! Why not start to organize your school ski trip now?