Renting vs Buying Ski Clothes

You might already be organizing your next ski holiday. Accommodation booked, ski pass bought, but what about the ski clothes? Have you decided if you will hire or buy your ski apparel for your next winter holiday?

Here are some factors to bear in mind when preparing your ski clothes for your holidays and whether it would be best for you to hire or purchase your ski wear:

Firstly, it'sconsidering what your budget is for your ski holiday. Skiing can be pricey! You need to pay for accommodation, ski passes, ski equipment and ski lessons (if you have never been before). On top of that you will need special clothes to keep you warm in the snow, as well as gloves, helmet, goggles etc. If you are on a budget and you want to save some money for the après ski drinks, hiring is your best option.

For £55 per week you can hire an adult or £45 per week for a kids outerwear bundle with everything included.

Size is important when choosing between hiring or buying. If you change size regularly or your kids are still growing, it makes more sense to hire your ski clothes. This way you can select your actual size, and you don't have to keep buying a new outfit from season to season.

Another significant factor when choosing between hiring or buying is how frequently you are planning to ski during the winter.

If you have never skied before, and you are going on your first ski holiday, we recommend you hire your ski clothes and then decide if skiing is something you enjoyed or if you won't be back to the mountains again.

However, if you are an advance skier with plenty of time to escape to the mountains, or you are living by the ski resort, then it may be worth having your own ski clothes that you are going to use long term.

You will need to choose your favourite brand for your ski clothes. Renting is a good option here as you are able to try different brands and decide which one works best for you. Buying the ski outfit from a specific brand will limit you from being able to try new brands and clothes that might possibly suit you or your needs better.

Sustainability is something to keep in mind when making the decision between hiring or buying your ski clothes. Hiring or buying second hand ski clothes will always be the best option to protect our planet from massive consumption. Our advice is always buying less to contribute to a more sustainable future.

If style is something that concerns you when heading up the mountain, then you might be more limited while hiring. At Snow Clothing Hire you can find a wide variety of ski clothes to hire, however, it can't be compared to the vast ski clothes market that it is out there. If you can't go skiing without your favourite
colour ski jacket, then maybe the only solution for you is buying the ski gear. However, you can find stylish outfits when you are hiring your ski clothes

Last thing to have in mind, when considering whether to buy or hire your ski clothes, is how much storage space you have at home. Buying new ski clothes and leaving them in the wardrobe all year, may not be possible for all. If you live in a small apartment or you just don't want to accumulate items that are not being used most of the time, hiring is for you!

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