Our top 10 Tips for Skiing with a Toddler

Here are our top 10 tips to follow if you want to have an amazing ski holiday with your little ones!

1. Choose a friendly ski resort: There are many ski resorts out there, but they all offer different experiences. Research the best ski resort for infants. This will usually be small resorts, that are quiet and accessible. These are the key to enjoy with your family. You won’t need a massive 400km ski domain to travel with your toddler but a resort with good childcare, nursery options and activities accessible for families.


2. The perfect accommodation: Look for a lodge or a hotel that includes children's services, such as high chairs, baby cots and crockery. These are only some items that will ease your winter holidays helping you to pack lighter. Location is very important as well so find accommodation which is next to a nursery or snow garden and also close to the slopes. Ensure the walking distance is the minimum possible, as walking with a toddler and all their ski gear can be tiring.


3.Prepare ski clothes in advance: Choose your favourite outfit for your little one to keep themself warm in the snow. As kids grow fast, you can hire the snow clothes to save you some money. Have a look at the Snow Clothing Hire items available. A good tip, always bring extra clothes with you, since leaks always happen at the worst times!


4. Look for a Ski Creche or Nursery at the resort: Ultimately it is a ski holiday, so you should take a bit of time to enjoy the mountain yourself. A good idea is to book some nursery or snow garden lessons, depending on the age of your child. Make sure that the services they offer will be fun for your child and that they will be having fun on the snow at the same time as you are!


5. Choose the right time of the season: It is hard to predict how the weather will be for your ski holidays. Usually January and February are the coldest months depending where you go. Maybe try to avoid the coldest months and book your holiday for the end of the season when temperatures are milder. It would be easier to enjoy the mountain activities without freezing.


6. Take small toys for your holiday: It is always good to bring some toys, teddies etc so your child feels at home and never gets bored. A good idea to use while travelling or even at the lodge, is to spend a day playing with your children.


7. Enjoy the snow! You are at a ski resort, so always take some time to actually enjoy the snow with your toddler. Have a look at the snow activities available, make a snowman, rent a sledge or make snow angels. There are many snow games you can play and your children will love them! If you are feeling ambitious take them Skiing with you in a Burley Kids Bike Trailer.  

8. It’s never too early to start skiing! It’s true that things are easier when we are young. One years old might seem young for learning to ski, but it’s a good age to show your child what a ski is and show the sensations of sliding around on skis. Do it as part of a game. Children get tired easily so take breaks to recover and combine games with ski walks around a flat safe area.


9. Take friends or family to help you with your children: If you are sharing the holiday with your parents, friends or other family members, don’t hesitate to ask for some help when taking care of your children. Maybe someone is not skiing and doesn’t mind staying warm at the lodge playing with your children while you get a break to do a few runs on the mountain.

10. Transporting the Toddlers: Around the resort simply carrying your baby usually isn’t the easiest option as you will have lots of gear and the ground is slippery and potentially icey. Here are our favourite ways to get your baby around the base of a ski resort:

Baby carrier: The Osprey Poco child carrier is our favorite baby carrier and it’s perfect for getting babies from the car to the lodge. Hire the Osprey child carrier

Baby sled: There are so many amazing fun sleds designed for babies.

Baby jogging stroller: A regular stroller won’t have big enough wheels to push around the ski resort, but the Out & About Nipper Sport Stroller does a great job on packed down snow. Hire the Out & About Nipper Sport 


Have fun with your family! Overall holidays are to enjoy ourselves, so this is the main goal of the holiday. Spend time with your family, slow down and share the beauty of the mountains with your little one on their first ski holiday.