What should you wear when you go to an indoor ski centre?

Here at Snow Clothing Hire, we hire clothes out for people who are skiing abroad, as well as for people who are going to indoor ski centres. Indoor ski centres are popular and often used as a practice for people going on holiday or just to see if they enjoy skiing. As a result of this popularity, people often ask what sort of things they should wear when skiing indoors.

The first question is what is an indoor ski centre?

It is usually a dry ski slope, made of one of three materials – ‘Dendix’, ‘Proslope’ or ‘Snowflex’. It could also be an indoor centre pumping artificial snow. However, there are a few slopes in the UK that now produce real snow. There are a multitude of snow slopes across the UK which provide many opportunities to ski in climate-controlled environments without spending lots to go abroad.

Some of the dry slope centres in the UK:

Some of the indoor ski centres in the UK:

So, what should (and shouldn’t) you wear to a ski centre?

  • Indoor ski centres are usually between -5⁰ and -2⁰.
  • Warm clothes, layers and long sleeves are a must, you can get away with just wearing waterproofs to stop you getting wet aswell as a hat and gloves.
  • At Snow Clothing Hire we recommend wearing your hired ski wear to make sure they fit and are comfortable
  • Jeans and joggers are a no go because they get uncomfortable when wet and don’t dry easily.
  • Additionally, no short sleeves due to the cold and the possibility of scraping yourself on the snow if you fall.
  • Ski clothing is usually provided by all the indoor ski centres, so you can hire it for the hour or two that you're there.
  • If you can’t find anywhere to hire, as is the case with many of the outdoor dry slopes, then Snow Clothing Hire is a good option – we have every item you could need for skiing, whether you’re new to skiing and need the whole skiing bundle, you just need a new pair of trousers because you’ve outgrown yours or you simply need some accessories.

We hope you find this blog useful. If you have any questions we are always happy to help.

Enjoy your Snow Adventures!


Sporting Regards

The Snow Clothing Hire Team