February Half Term Ski Holiday Guide

The February Half Term holidays are just around the corner and we want to help you organize your ski trip so you can enjoy it to the fullest. Is it your first time ever skiing? No problem! Here is the Snow Clothing Hire guide to Half Term!

  • Prepare for your holiday in advance: Don´t wait until the last minute! Prepare for your ski holiday with plenty of time. Things to organize in advance: days off from work, choosing your ski destination, finding travel insurance, convincing your ski buddy or group to join you on this adventure. Quite a lot of things need to be organized in advance.


  • Prepare yourself: Apart from the material preparation, it is essential to prepare yourself physically. Go for runs, workout and put some emphasis on training your legs, so they are prepared for a non-stop day of skiing on the mountain.
  • Get your snow clothes: You don´t want to be cold on the mountain so choose the best fit to keep you warm during your ski holidays. Have a look at our snow clothing hire options here. If you are not sure of your size, you can now book a fitting and get our advice in person at our office in the UK.
  • Follow our checklist: When packing your luggage don´t forget to check our check list so you don´t forget anything. Gloves, Goggles, Ski jacket, pants, do you have everything? Have a look at the Snow Clothing Hire checklist here.

  • Have a look at the slopes and download the piste map: Study the piste map, see the different slopes that the ski resort has to offer and if you can download the piste map onto your phone do it, so you never get lost!
  • Don´t forget your lift pass: The lift pass is the card that allows you to access the slopes. Without a lift pass you won´t be able to ski unless you hike up the mountain. Try to prebook your lift passes as you might get a better deal rather than buying them last minute.
  • Get your equipment! Something you will need to go skiing, is of course, skis! If you are bringing them with you on the plane, carefully read the airline luggage restrictions, so you don´t have to pay any last-minute additional fees. If you don´t have your own equipment, don´t worry, there are always rental shops in any ski resort. As with the lift passes, you might get a better deal by booking your equipment in advance. Usually you can also find packages that include equipment and lift passes for a fair price.

  • Get an instructor: If you have been skiing all your life, this won´t be essential. However, if this is your first time on the mountain, having a lesson will help a lot! In any ski resort, there is a ski school where you can book group or private lessons. An instructor will help you progress faster, teach you the basics and will guide you around the resort, so it's worth having one for at least a couple of hours on the first day so the rest of the week you know more or less what you are doing.

  • Don´t miss the après ski: If you haven´t read our previous blog called all you need to know about après ski, do it now! Après ski is almost as important as skiing. So now you know where to go after a full day of skiing on the slopes, straight into a bar, have some drinks and dance in your snow clothes!


      Don´t forget to hire your snow clothes here, and prepare yourself for the Half Term winter holiday.

      If you have any questions we are happy to help!

      Sporting Regards

      The Snow Clothing Hire Team